Academic/Non-Profit Pricing (Version 4)

*The evaluation software is the Professional version. Review the differences.
*Upgrades to Professional are priced at the software cost difference plus a $20 convenience fee.
*To run the program on a Mac, a Windows emulator is necessary such as Parallels or Bootcamp. Using Wine or CrossOver is not recommended.
*Bulk Licensing: When purchasing multiple licenses, the lease starts the day the customer requests the FIRST unlock code. All leases will be set to expire one or two years from that date.

Academic/Non-profit Pricing (Version 4)

Professional Version Standard Version Lite Version
One-Year Two-Year* One-Year Two-Year* One-Year Two-Year*
  • Copies Unit Total Unit Total   Unit Total Unit Total   Unit Total Unit Total
  • 1 $US495 $US495 $US795 $US795   $US295 $US295 $US395 $US395   $US195 $US195 $US295 $US295
  • 2 $US395 $US790 $US695 $US1390   $US225 $US450 $US345 $US690   $US155 $US310 $US245 $US490
  • 5 $US345 $US1725 $US595 $US2975   $US195 $US975 $US295 $US1475   $US145 $US725 $US220 $US1100
  • 10 $US325 $US3250 $US495 $US4950   $US155 $US1550 $US245 $US2450   $US115 $US1150 $US180 $US1800
  • 20 $US245 $US4900 $US395 $US7900   $US125 $US2500 $US195 $US3900   $US95 $US1900 $US145 $US2900
  • 40 $US175 $US7000 $US265 $US10600   $US85 $US3400 $US130 $US5200   $US65 $US2600 $US95 $US3800
  • 100 $US125 $US12500 $US195 $US19500   $US65 $US6500 $US95 $US9500   $US45 $US4500 $US65 $US6500
  • 200 $US85 $US17000 $US125 $US25000   $US40 $US8000 $US60 $US12000   $US30 $US6000 $US45 $US9000