What's new in Version 3?

Version 3 includes a new module for meta-regression that

  • Allows you to include any number of covariates
  • Allows you to define sets of covariates
  • Allow you to include both categorical and continuous covariates in the model
  • Will automatically create dummy variables for categorical covariates
  • Allows you to define and compare multiple predictive models
  • Allows you to choose either the Z-distribution or Knapp-Hartung
  • Allows you to plot the regression, as well as confidence and prediction intervals
  • Automatically plots the R-squared analog
  • Allows one-click export of data to Excel
  • Allows one-click export of plots to PowerPoint and Word

This video shows the regression module.

Effect size for cluster-randomized studies

  • Coming Soon - With the purchase of an Academic or Corporate CMA license, we provide a license for a second program that allows you to compute the effect-size and variance for cluster-randomized and other multi-level studies. Release date to be determined.

This video shows how to compute effect sizes for multi-level studies.

Other features

  • A number of updates that allows the program to work better with Windows.

This video shows the program.

New licensing scheme

  • We will no longer offer a perpetual license. Beginning with Version 3, you can lease the program for one or two years.

Upgrades from Version 2

  • If you’re upgrading from Version 2 and purchase a two-year lease, we’ll give you a third year for free (limited time offer).





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Comprehensive Meta-Analysis

Comprehensive Meta-Analysis is a powerful computer program for meta-analysis. The program combines ease of use with a wide array of computational options and sophisticated graphics.