Teaching Pricing (Version 3)

Teaching Pricing (Version 3)

This is a special offer for students required to buy the software for a class.
Theses licenses CANNOT be purchased by the Professor, university, re-sellers or other third parties.

Available for courses on Meta-Analysis, Statistics, Research Methods or Related Subjects.

$95 per person for a six-month license.


Terms of License

The license is for the professional version of the program.

The price is valid for the first six months only. The user may renew the license at the applicable student, academic, or corporate rates.

To be eligible for these rates, the instructor agrees to add a link on their website to www.Meta-Analysis.com.

This option is only available to students, it is not intended for Professors or Faculty. Orders submitted by professors, university faculty or other third parties will not be processed. This discount is only valid for students paying for the software themselves. Please click on the order form below for ordering instructions.